Odyssey’s Political Poll Shows Millennials Are Over-Educated Idiots


The survey, conducted by the Odyssey and UMass Lowell, confirms that Millennials are widely irrational and driven by emotions, rather than pragmatism.

We commonly hold to the idea that conservatives are stupid, backwoods-dwelling, incest-bred, bigoted, racist, sexist neo-Luddites, while Liberals are cultured, erudite, pedantic and open-minded scholars. Libertarians? They’re just crazy.

Truth is, liberals are really, really stupid.

A new poll taken by Odyssey proves it. The survey covered more than 1,400 people within the ages of 18-35, AKA “the Millennials.” Millennials as a demographic group make up 26.2 percent of the United States population, or 82 million people. According to the Educational Test Service, “This generation of American workers and citizens will largely determine the shape of the American economic and social landscape of the future.” If one thing is for sure, it’s that this generation is super-duper liberal.

Oh snap.

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Anarchy Can’t Work Because People Are E-e-evil!



“I don’t care if there’s a government or not,” a friend once told me. “I just want people to stop hating and being violent. I just want everybody to behave and get along.”

Total face-palm. If people ever learned to “behave and get along” — that is, if we were guided by moral principles and not mere laws — it would render the State obsolete (if it isn’t already, which is arguably the case). My friend expressed indifference to the idea of a stateless society, then without realizing it she described one. It appears State propaganda is so effective that even a young woman with a master’s degree can’t reason clearly.

Anarchists are accused of underestimating human evil and stupidity, which is why there must be a State to control human evil. However, if humans are evil, isn’t that a better reason to dismantle the State?

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