All Bernt Out: A Recovering Socialist’s Journey From #FeelTheBern To Anarcho-Capitalism


One year ago, my sister introduced me to a gray, wispy-haired senator from Vermont — Bernie Sanders, championing economic equality and upon whose podium the pigeon of peace alighted. Politics before then was a disappointing parade of one establishment candidate after another. But this candidate was refreshing, invigorating. So it was my bitter love affair with socialism began.

I registered as a Democrat. I read books by Chris Hedges and Noam Chomsky. I told my friends, family, even my landlord, that I was a democratic socialist. I tried going vegan. Thirteen months from election day, I was already geared up to vote. It was the first time I’d vote in my life. Boy, did I #FeeltheBern or what?

Like my fellow Millenials, I was aware of the unholy alliance between corporations and the government. Having just graduated from a liberal arts academy, soaked in four years of a humanities education rife with Marxist rhetoric and social justice agenda, I naturally sided with the government. I didn’t know any better — before my socialist days, I simply opted out of politics. I wanted to write novels and be left alone instead.

(Looks like I was an anarchist before then, and didn’t even know it!)

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