Playing the Devil’s Advocate


We all know the story: the all-powerful, all-loving, all-knowing Jehovah created Heaven and all its angels and ruled over them in bliss and harmony. But then the archangel Lucifer swelled with pride, and he waged war against the Creator to take his throne. The angels fought, and it was the righteous Jehovah who overcame the evil Lucifer, and he cast him out of Heaven.

Still prideful and seeking vengeance, Lucifer went after God’s new and prized creation. The humans, Adam and Eve. He tricked them into eating the forbidden fruit, “sin” entered the world, and Jehovah reluctantly banished humanity from paradise.

Ever since, we have known that fallen angel Lucifer as Satan, the dragon, the devil, the entity behind all the evil in the human heart, deceiving the human race into the eternal fires of Hell.

But it is the victor who writes history. And this is only one side of the story.

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