Are Sexual Favors In The Workplace Discrimination Against Men?


Sexual Harassment at work

Today, I dated a feminist.

On our date, she explained her experience of being sexually discriminated against at her workplace. Her boss, a man, only gives attention and promotions to the young, attractive 20-year-olds. She also had a slice of his favor, but once she gained a little weight, the boss ignored her, neglected to promote her and has left her to pick up everyone else’s slack.

At first, feminism’s plight appears so blatantly obvious that it’s embarrassing to even admit that you’re an anti-feminist. How can anyone argue that discrimination against women “just ain’t what it used to be,” when it’s clearly so omnipresent?

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The Afterlife For Atheists


I was once an agnostic Christian. Though I vaguely believed in Heaven and Hell, I supposed that people who were righteous but had refused to recite the sinner’s prayer could probably slip through the cracks. Somehow. Otherwise, I largely ignored the appalling moral quandary posed by this arbitrary, judging God.

Then Death sent me a postcard with my friend’s face and signature on it. I was forced to face not only that staggering personal loss, but the reality of death. He was a noble, intelligent gentleman — and a passionate atheist. Since his death, I’ve spent these years mentally asphyxiated by life’s cruelest riddle — what happens, if anything, after we die?

It’s rare to find an atheist who believes in the afterlife. Most atheists, through application of rational and critical thinking, reject the idea of an afterlife for similar reasons they reject the existence of gods.

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Anarchy Can’t Work Because People Are E-e-evil!



“I don’t care if there’s a government or not,” a friend once told me. “I just want people to stop hating and being violent. I just want everybody to behave and get along.”

Total face-palm. If people ever learned to “behave and get along” — that is, if we were guided by moral principles and not mere laws — it would render the State obsolete (if it isn’t already, which is arguably the case). My friend expressed indifference to the idea of a stateless society, then without realizing it she described one. It appears State propaganda is so effective that even a young woman with a master’s degree can’t reason clearly.

Anarchists are accused of underestimating human evil and stupidity, which is why there must be a State to control human evil. However, if humans are evil, isn’t that a better reason to dismantle the State?

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