What’s Anarchy?


Anarchy: When you hear that word, what comes to mind? Is it crime and chaos, mobs breaking into convenient stores, a hellish inferno rising over civilization? If your friend one day proclaimed himself an anarchist, would you consider calling the police?

You would be dead wrong.

In the words of Noam Chomsky: “Anarchism … is an expression of the idea that the burden of proof is always on those who argue that authority and domination are necessary … If they cannot, then the institutions they defend should be considered illegitimate.”

Since I was a teenager, I held a brewing suspicion and hatred of nationalism. At school, I silently mouthed the Pledge of Allegiance, because I was a Christian, and believed in the rule of God, not man. To think, I had not even heard the words of Dave Andrews: “Jesus Christ was the supreme example of authentic anarchy … working to empower people and enable them to realize their potential.”

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At Trump Rallies, Regressive Left Rears Its Hideous Head


As Donald Trump closes in on the presidential nomination, his rallies have become increasingly beleaguered by thousands of protesters. A rally in Chicago was canceled due to safety concerns from protesters. One weekend in Ohio, a man “yelling, screaming and flailing his arms” jumped the barrier surrounding the stage, but was tackled by Secret Service before he could reach Trump.

The ideological fissure yawns ever wider …

Public figures across the board — John Kasich, Ted Cruz, Bill de Blasio, Hillary Clinton, Paul Ryan, Bernie Sanders and Barack Obama — have condemned Trump for dividing the American people and for inciting violence, hate and fear.

So then what do you call shutting down a peaceful rally — be it loud, obnoxious and quasi-fascist — but nonetheless peaceful?
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