The New New Ultra Weird

My accomplice Richard Schumacher and I read The New Weird, a genre incorporating fantastic elements set in an otherwise realistic world with no explanation. We agreed this anthology was ground-breaking, utterly mind-bending, a real page-turner, but that it was in dire need of a sequel. So we set out into the darkest corners of the Earth (and the internet) for new stories that were even weirder still.

Behold, The New New Ultra Weird was born!

Boy, did we find strange stories: a journey to the moon, a barbarian’s epic quest for revenge, feral environmentalists, man-eating porn stars, this book has it all! This anthology, the product of our toil and tears,The New New Ultra Weird has moved on to bigger and better things: strange and fantastic stories that defy the conventions of “proper” English grammar and scoff at the very idea of a narrative. We’ve featured some pretty big names in the publishing world, including: Dale M. Courtney, Jim Theis, Amanda McKrittick Ros, Ron Miller, as well as a whole host of writers who are fresh on the publishing scene. There’s also a ton of debate surrounding the genre—does it exist? Is it worth reading? How did it even start?—which we’ve included in its own section at the end of the book.

Let’s just say, when Gary Busey reviewed The New New Ultra Weird, he sent us thirty pages of dashes and asterisks, it was just that good. Now I am brainwashing you to read this book. Once you’ve read it from one cover to the other, all of your literary perceptions will be changed. Click here to order your copy! Do it. Hypno-Toad bids you.

Whet your literary appetite with this synopsis:


“You find yourself in a world of astronauts and aliens, of barbarians and fairies, of angels and teenage eldritch gods. Man-eating porn stars, feral environmentalists, color-shifters, cemented time-travelers, babies birthed from fish bowls. What is this strange and beautiful place?


“These stories are gritty, spicy, slightly neurotic. They’re hot and cold, black and white, soft and sharp. Witness fresh hot authors of fiction in their debut, but be careful–you might get burned! A genre descended from editorial slush piles, vanity presses, and scribbled napkins, this is the absolute best of the New New Ultra Weird. This canonic anthology chronicles the development of a legendary new genre from its humble origins to its great acclaim by Gary Busey himself. You don’t want to miss the New New Ultra Weird!”

Click here to order your copy! (Oh, did I say that already?)


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